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Friday, March 26, 2004
  How many trees must die for this?

83 memos...

That's how many memos I had in my files from 2003. Some incredibly boring reading. Not only that, very condescending. Imagine Barney the Dinosaur lecturing you about flossing, forcing you to sing a song about flossing, and then chasing you with a stun gun. That describes how both the annoyance and fury these pieces of paper bring to my life.

There are two distinct kind of memos: Regular memos, that everyone gets a copy of, and then what I like to call ,"Sign and Blame" memos. The latter are a short memo that comes around and you have to initial that you have read it, but you don't get a copy. I figure that is so that it can be thrown back in your face at a later time.

What really sucks is that if the instructions on our computer system contradict the memos, or vice versa, you are stuck. If something goes wrong, you are liable either way.

One of my favorite memos that I received, was concerning reading memos given to you:

"If we give you a memo, that means it is important and is to be filed in your gold book of training materials for your subsequent perusal as needed. Do not misplace, or throw away these memos."

They need to realize that they have already lost the battle when they have to issue a memo like that.

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