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Sunday, March 28, 2004
  What a whiner....

The other day on the way home from work I started thinking about whether I should be thankful for my job. If you have read many of my previous posts you know that's sort of an incredible thing to say.

The reason I say this is that though I have been looking for another job and keeping my resume out there in case something bad happens, I still have not been offered a job that has the same starting salary I have here. Other than the uncomfortable environment, I am rarely personally attacked, or singled out for abuse more than once in a while, and I know my boss doesn't mean it personally.

I guess what pricked my conscience about thankfulness is more of a spiritual side of it. I believe that God leads me and guides me in my life, even unconsciously, whether I realize it or not. Besides in Sunday school as a kid, and in my own studying, I have been taught that Christians are to be thankful for everything that they receive. There are some other things going on in my life that I can't discuss without divulging more of my identity than I should, but the main thing is that this job is actually enabling me to prepare for someday moving on to doing something that I will love for a living.

Last week when I went to church, and was being quiet during a solemn part of the service, God spoke to me and told me that after this job I would find something that I love to do, and that its important that I stay here until everything is put in place for the next move. It wasn't anything weird, just a "knowing" inside of me.

So that brings me back to the original question, am I just a whiner? Well, I know I need to change how I talk about work to my coworkers, just complaining nonstop about our situation is not a good idea, and since we really cant do anything about it, it's not really that useful.

But as far as blogging about it, I'm not sure. The bible is filled with people crying out to God how their situation is horrible. The psalms of David are certainly not all positive lovely writings. I also know one thing, the blogging keeps me sane, I don't have to dump all this garbage on my wife all the time(we still discuss bad days at work, but I dont think it right for me to go on and on). I also dont find my self feeling like I am going to lose my mind, because I can put my thoughts together and sort things out.

The other great thing about blogging is that I know that someone else has actually read my posts(thank you sitemeter, haloscan, and tagboard!). I want to send out a big thank you to those people that visit here and read my posts on a regular basis and it means a lot when you comment. You guys are great.

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