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Friday, April 30, 2004
  The Arrogantly Ignorant-Part I...

I have a new customer to dislike. She is one of our corporate customers, and took over from another person that we all got on with very well. I don't really mind mean customers so much, or even picky customers so much, as long as they know what they are doing.

Not this customer. Nope, she labors under the apprehension that she knows more about this business, more about everything in general, than the rest of us and goes out of her way to explain to us why our policies are uninformed, stupid and unreasonable. I haven't figured out what she wants from us yet either, just giving her respect, and not talking back to her stupid suggestions and condescending attitude isnt enough for her. I'm really afraid I'm going to lose it and say something I shouldnt.

Today she asked me to do something against our guidelines. She explained why the guidelines were so stupid and how our way of doing things always costs her more money in the end. I explained that I will gladly do anything she wants, anyway she wants it done, as long as she is aware that she will still be liable for any mistakes that occur. She changed her tune, and told me to do it my way. I guess she is more arrogant than foolhardy.

I know it's not just a personal thing, because everybody else developed a hatred for her right off the bat. Even the people at her corporation on the west coast can't stand her either, they complain about what an idiot she is to us.

There are some days I just shake my head and ponder how stupid arrogant people get positions of authority and responsibility when they are not even good at being human......

Part II

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