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Friday, April 16, 2004
  Asleep at the Wheel......

A couple of days ago I woke up in the middle of the day at my desk, I realized I had just handled two different transactions in my sleep. I could not remember a thing about the two calls. Sometimes my job is just that boring.....

There are times when the passage of time is what makes this seem so much like purgatory. Time drags on, we have work to do all the time. If we aren't checking on customer satisfaction of previous transactions, we are doing other busy work. If the supervisor on duty does not hear you making calls, or sees that you are just staring at the screen for more than 5-10 minutes he may yell at you. If you are in a slow spot and you start having a pleasant conversation with your coworker, he may yell. If he notices that your phone is set to not accept incoming calls for a long time, he may yell at you. If you want something as incredibly foreign as a lunch break, you have to set it up ahead of time and make a change to your schedule and get it approved. You eat at your desk, but you can't turn off your phone to enjoy your food. You get a mouthful and the phone rings. One of the ladies here has warmed up her food 3 times in a row because she keeps letting it get cold to answer the phone, then one time she finally threw it out. You can't read at your desk, newspapers are forbidden. You can get up to go to the bathroom whenever you want, but if there are calls in the queue, or too many people off the call floor, you need to ask.

Sure, all the people here have developed tricks to get around this stuff. When we have conversations we just keep it low and don't turn to face each other. If we leave the floor, we make sure the supervisor isn't looking when we go past him. Alot of people read newspapers on line or play flash games, but that has become risky with the new monitoring software in place. There are ways to deal with phone monitoring systems, but I can't reveal those without telling you too much about my job.

I know someday I will leave this place. I've got things in the works, and am not just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I'm not going to wake up five years later and realize I have given another portion of my energy and limited time to a corporation that does'nt care. Just got to bide my time......blogging helps.

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