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Saturday, April 17, 2004
  I've Lost That Loving Feeling.....

I recently had a long day with fewer call center workers and higher call volume. On my very last call of the day, I finally lost it with a customer from New Jersey. I had been working with the customer for approximately 4 hours. I had finally arranged his financial services the way that he had requested. He complained that it should have been done quicker. I said, “Sorry, it can’t be helped, nothing else can be done, bye” and hung up abruptly, without giving him an opportunity to say anything else. I put my coat on turned my computer off and walked out.

What’s amazing is that I never thought I could get to this point. I actually could not care any less about this person. I accomplished what he wanted and he still is not happy. Sometimes getting to the point where I am so tired I don’t care feels kind of good.

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