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Sunday, April 04, 2004
  An old softie...

I like to watch people. I like to catch people acting like they don’t think anyone is looking, or they don’t care. Like when they are acting like little kids, or are laughing or playing. I also like to see people acting kind or loving towards special people in their lives. Last week when I was in church I saw a grandfather holding his granddaughter during the sermon, they were both smiling at each other. I watched a father and his son walking through a field, he was rubbing his son’s head as they walked. I really like seeing people being human, and kind. I think I’m gonna be a moist old guy.

Maybe that explains how I feel about where I work. I so rarely see anyone being human, being kind or loving. I know it’s in them though. One of the girls at work brought in her 2 kids one day, and the mood on the call floor changed immediately. The supervisors and the old guys changed on the spot, they brightened up. They picked up the little kids and gave them money and teased them. All of a sudden the cussing hardasses were moist old grandpas. It was good to see that they had it in them. Maybe it’s not the people here after all, but the business system or corporate values of our owners that have created this inhuman atmosphere.

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