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Thursday, April 08, 2004
  A sea of yellow.....

A sea of yellow floods my desk,
my keyboard drifting like a grey raft
in the sea of yellow,
beached on the sandbar of my wrist pad.

The tide of yellow undulates throughout the day,
reaching full tide after string cheese, yogurt, and a diet coke,
and finally abating when my day is done,

Looking closer there are black squiggles in the waves.
black squiggles swimming from left to right, east to west,
circles and squares and angles swim through the sea,
like jellyfish, prawns, sting-rays and octupi.

Even deeper I dive, kicking my fins into what becomes,
symbols, letters, and numbers.
Scribbled quickly with my hypodermic needle sharp,
extra fine,Pilot precise, black roller pen.

Faxes, complaints, account numbers,
toll free phone numbers, cell phones and email.
Names of people I will never meet,
addresses of places I will never visit,
swim through my mind, out my fingers,
onto yellow squares like a school of black tuna,
in a canary yellow sticky sea.....

I'm drowning in post-it notes,
damn you 3M.....

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