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Call Center Purgatory
Saturday, May 15, 2004

Part V

So what have I been getting at with this week long post?

It's this: many modern call centers are a result of the capitalistic ideas of mass production and standardized parts. People are reduced to a sort of wet-ware data gathering voicemail system in order to outsource customer service and sales to the lowest bidder.

But even more than that, the way most call centers are set up, not only are the employees dehumanized, but the people who call in can be subject to a brusque cookie-cutter brand of customer service that seeks to make them just another non-entity to get off the line as soon as possible.

Am I just on a tangent to gripe about my own job? Well, it's obvious that I'm not crazy about my own situation, but it's a bigger issue than that. All over this world we are losing quality to obscene quantities, craftsmanship to low prices. In my own job, I recently realized that they don't want me to do quality work, they want half-ass results that break their own rules and policies they lay out to me. Not only is the system broke where I am, it is broke worldwide.

All I wanted to do with this series of posts was introduce us to the idea that maybe the way we do things in this world from economics to government is based on ideas that arent sensible, but only designed to make money and devalue people. There has to be another way....

Thanks for reading..

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