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Call Center Purgatory
Friday, May 14, 2004
  Alienation Part IV

Part III

Before call centers came into being sales and customer service was performed by people that actually worked for the same company that provided the goods and services. The idea of one behomoth entity providing customer services and sales to multiple companies was not realized until much later.

It was common before the advent of call centers to know who you were dealing with. When you called a company you would speak to someone with a personal interest in the goods and services provided. This person would give you their first and last name and would be there the next time you called. The dehumanizing ideas of "operator 3546" would have seemed unbelievable.

I'm not exactly sure where call centers started, but somewhere along the line someone knew they could make money if they applied a method of standardizing customer service and sales...

Part V-No more craftsmen in the customer service sector..

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