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Sunday, May 23, 2004
  Boiling with rage and anger...

Recently I had another very bad day. My eagle ear boss hears everything we say. I was commiserating with a customer about a change in their investment cost which was unexpected and for the worse. We were actually at fault because we could have notified them sooner, but I did not even come close to pointing that out to the customer. While I am on the phone he yells at the top of his voice to shut up and that if the customer contests the charges that it will come out of my paycheck(he has no way to do that).

I said I was sorry for making the comments and sat down, arguing with him is not worth it, at least for now. But it burned within me. Between the depression from having to return to this place day after day and his treatment I don't know how much longer I can work here. The kind of anger his treatment brings scares me, because I've always thought I was a kind guy, but this is bringing out anger I did not know was there. No, I'm not violent, or thinking of buying weapons, I'll quit if I get to that point.

But I've got my limits like everyone else. I hope I can get out of here before I explode and finally say things I can't take back.

Thanks for listening-that helps...

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