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Saturday, May 01, 2004
  Congrats Minnesota!

Working in a nationwide call center that services all of the U.S. and Canada, I speak to a lot of different people from every state and province in North America. You start to develop concepts of each states or province's personality. Now I know it is not scientific by any sense of the word, and I know that I deal with people that are not always at their most pleasant mood when they call me. I also know that there are nice kind people all over our great continent, and assholes too. It just seems like the assholes seem to congregate in certain areas....

I'm not going to tell you what state I live in (I'm anonymous...hello?). But here are some of my general feelings concerning some of the states and provinces I call. If I leave your state out, I just could not think of anything extra witty to say about it.

Florida-combination of fast talking cubans(very polite and nice to deal with), refugees from New Jersey(not always and polite and easy to deal with)and slow talking southerners-talk about your melting pot...

Ontario-it's all Kinder, pleasant, but can be a little aloof compared to us rude Americans.

Quebec-Nicer to deal with than you would think..a little french goes a long way to getting along. I remember working near the 4th of July one year, a very nice Quebecois lady wished me a fond 4th of July one year-she really meant it-it brightened my day.

New Brunswick-Havent figured you guys out yet. Sort of a mixture of Quebec, Massachusets and Ontario as far as personalities go.

California-Love the North and the Desert, but find some of the Angelinos to be as uptight as people in NYC.

Michigan-Love the Motor City, have a suspicion the U.P. is actually part of Ontario and they just dont know

Delaware-New Jersey Lite.

New York-Love dealing with people from upstate, Buffalo, Binghamton, but cannot tell you of many good experiences with people from NYC. I know there are nice people there-please, call me more often than your other compatriots.

South Carolina-very nice people-but if you get them on a bad day-it just ain't pretty....

North Dakota-Slightly passive-agressive but very polite about it....

Georgia-my favorite state in the south to deal with, southern hospitality with urban sophistication.

New Jersey-Many nice people-but they seem to be outnumbered by the others 2 to 1.

Hawaii-incredibly mellow and easy to get along with-no big surprise here.

Arizona-very laid back

Utah-As you may expect-terminally nice with a very little rudeness.

And my favorite state or province to deal with is:


Sorry, everyone else-the best callers in North America are from Minnesota.

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