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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
  Dear CEO...

Dear President and Ceo of Anonymous Call Center Conglomerate,

I have worked at your company for four years. When I was a trainee I was told your name and name of the other people in charge of the company. I don’t know what you look like, nor do you know what I look like.I have worked for other CEO's that I knew by name, had shook their hands, and was personally glad to work for them. I don’t know anything about you other than the way that you run your company. I guess that is enough to know that employees' always come second to profit.

This year you increased the amount of money that employees have to pay in order to keep their health insurance for their families. At the same time hours were cut, and it was the yet another year without performance reviews or any wage increases at all.

Look, I’m not some moron without a clue about how business works, I know you have lost some customers, and I know that times have been tough. I have also seen you putting out some capital to improve parts of the company—it just never seems to come our way.I see you making investments in everything except people.

But you can’t continue treating your employees this way. How long do you expect them to stay when nothing ever changes for the better? You know it would be one thing if you had explained to us that this is a temporary thing, or made some sort of attempt to bring us along, make us part of this, dealt in some sort of good faith. But we hear nothing from you or your representatives here. Your silence speaks deafening volumes about how you feel about us.

I am sure that you are shielded, protected and rarely come in contact with the people that work at your companies. Your managers probabally never discuss such things, only profit and loss. I am sure you would tell everyone that you provide work to many people and help the economy. Yes, you provide me with the wages to pay my bills. You also provide me with no incentive, very little hope, confusing memos and policies and very little to look forward to.

I know that you will never read this, and I will leave your company someday. But if one of your kind does read this while surfing the web someday, and think beyond profit, possibly wonder how his methods of business affect the people that work for him, then this will have been worth the time.



The CEO doesn't care about profit and loss either.

The CEO cares about the share price, the CEO could care less if there was a loss, as long as there's always news that will 'cause the share price to increase.

For instance, to offset the effects of a loss, he'd announce huge layoffs, suddenly even though the company is losing money, suddenly the share price goes up.
Hey, I am pretty darn sure I work for the same company as you, and I am eternally grateful for all the things you say, because it is like you are speaking for me. Keep it up! At least you are giving the other Cogs a voice!
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