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Thursday, May 20, 2004
  Poverty and Homelessness Part II...

The Homeless Guy-"New to This Blog" Post

Another good post going on over at the If you have never visited there check it out.

In part I, we talked about how the United States' view of poverty and homelessness is vastly different from the rest of the world, and that many people in other countries see poverty as just a fact of life.

Because the dominant society of America came about as a result of Puritan emigrants, the ideas that personal responsibility and hard work always leads to profit and wealth is still ingrained in our society more than 200 years later.

Our society still judges people on what they have, what job they do and what position in society they have attained. Meanwhile people trapped in homelessness and poverty are seen as less than equal. Sure, few people would admit to such a thing, but anyone who has ever worked in minimum wage jobs know that there is a social class system in our country, and it doesnt take a genius to know that other people want to put you under their feet.

Kevin's post goes on to point towards a post-puritan social system where people start to accept others no matter where they are at in society:

"Community is the act of people living together. And they do live together because they accept each other. Homeless people are not accepted, and thus are not included in community. To change this, homeless people must be accepted, must be included in society, must be extended the same love and respect given to anyone else. In this kind of environment, homeless people can find their way back into society, and can feel welcomed to do so."

These are great ideas and great insight. Maybe its possible to build the kind of community he is talking about.
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