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Monday, May 31, 2004
  A real lack of proactive leadership...

I realized something recently about the leadership of my call center. To put it into Dilbertspeak, "There is a real lack of proactive leadership without a clear vision for sustainable growth and quality."

But more simply, the management of my company does not plan much, they simply respond to what happens. This may be only the appearance of things from my point of view, but I'm fairly certain I'm not totally off base.

I can say this because most memos and policies are in response to things that happen, not new ways of doing our work better. Training has stopped, and most decrees and memos are simply trying to get the employees to follow existing policies and regulations concerning our financial transactions with the public.

I don't say this to mock or belittle my supervisors. No, I think that they feel very similar to me some times. They also don't know what to do. They are also confused and trapped in a system that doesn't make sense. We are fellow travelers in purgatory.......

they just get paid more.

Wouldn't surprise me at all. I work in a Call Centre for a Major Utility Company who shall remain nameless (fortunately not on the phones most of the time!) and the management just seem to spend a lot of their time stopping the inbound call system from collapsing. There seems to be little or no forward planning of any worth, just the occasional rejigging of the so-called 'quality' checking. I'm lucky in that this doesn't affect me to any great extent, but I remember all too well what it was like - I would have to seriously consider resigning if I was ever transferred back to the Call Centre proper, and I know I wouldn't be the only one...
With sympathy.
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