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Call Center Purgatory
Sunday, June 06, 2004
  Free Gmail Offer, What about the children? and other meaningless blathering... mind is totally blank. I look at the screen and can think of nothing other than coffee, breakfast, more sleep, little Debbie swiss rolls, spongebob and sex(simple man, simple pleasures). Alas, I guess there will be no self-proclaimed meaningful call center insights today. I hope my lack of posting today doesn't affect the children in a detrimental way. Because it's all about the children, they are the future, and that scares me.
Hold on, here it comes.....
wait for it...wait for it...
Working in a Call Center really sucks....
ok, that's all I've got today...whew...I'm spent!

Still waiting to give away a Gmail invitation to whoever sends me good story about working in a call center.
1. Your story may be featured in the blog.
2. It's my contest, I decide who wins.
3. The story needs to be "adjusted" in order to remove
any details that will identify specific people-names, etc.
4. Stories may be edited before featured in this blog for space
and content.

Send your stories to anonymous.cog at


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Exploring the mind numbing insanity and childish corporate culture of an unknown call center employee.

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