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Friday, June 11, 2004
  Obsessed with blogging..

Been reading Morgan's blog entitled Blog-on-and-on-Anon and wanted to tell you why I am so obsessed with blogging.

I've been blogging since February and found that it quickly became a real obsession. Nothing new for me, I have a real obsessive personality, and rarely seem to be able to obsess about good things. But blogging is a different type of obsession.

It's not like video games, where you can finish, or you get an adrenaline rush. Nor is it like trying to find some killer app or new toy, it has more to do with one's identity.

Everyone wants to be distinctive in some way. They want to be known for something besides the boring things in their life. Even if they do a boring job, they will go on and on how they do it better than other people(deja vu..). Or they will have pursuits outside of work like sports or art that allow them distinction.

I remember reading an essay by Berger about art that stated that portraits in the past were "meant to show people in their established social roles, but had nothing to do with the lonely modern desire to be known for what we really are."(forgive me if I misquoted-that was from memory).

Blogs are a vehicle where we can express who we really are fully without the baggage of our established social roles. We can finally be known for who we really are. We can express the anger, angst, agony and adulation that goes on between our ears while the rest of the world only notices our haircuts.

Thats whats so captivating about blogs. For once in my life people don't see my dippy hair, or less than perfect body, they see into my soul and can see whats real. Nothing gets in the way, not social status, not money, not even educational background. As long as you have relavant content to share, you can be known as you believe yourself to be outside of the roles that society has placed you in.

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