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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
  A Unified Hatred....

One thing about this place that has always amazed me is that everyone is unified in their hatred of it. It is the only thing that brings us any real unity of thought.

In all the time I have worked here, I have never worked with anyone who said, "Damn, I love this job! I was born for this, this is my freakin' destiny! I am going to be the Mack Daddy of the call center and I am going to live for customer satisfaction! Ring phone! Ring Damn you! I need to be of service to somebody!"

No, this person has never shown up-if he did he would be on the fast track to management. You know, like the guys in fast food restaurants that become little Hitlers when they get promoted to "Crew Chief". The closest to this was a guy who said "I've worked in worse places." . That is the best I have ever heard.

The stress affects each person differently. Some people smoke, some drink a lot of coffee, one of the guys here gets a rash, one the women starts typing really loud and talking about walking out, and of course, most people cuss. It is a veritable buffet of stress symptoms and coping skills, or not coping skills. Take your pick.

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