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Saturday, June 05, 2004
  The Value of Overtime..

When it gets close to quitting time, we all start trying to look busy, but try not to take any new calls. Some people do reviews of previous calls, and call customers to ask about the satisfaction with service provided. Anything you can do to draw out the time.

Because if you stay available to receive calls up to quitting time, you will inevitably get smacked with a problem call that will make you stay over longer. I remember my boss writing up an employee who refused to take a new call 5 minutes before quitting time. We all do it, she was just brazen enough to actually say it.

During the day he will scream and yell that people are letting calls hold too long, and we need to all work together to get the calls knocked out. He has asked me and other people to stay over when calls are still backed up.

A couple of days ago we had five calls holding and were behind on other things, but when his quitting time came he hit the road without a word.

It doesnt surprise me, it just confirms what I have believed all along-he doesnt care either-just plays the game like the rest of us until quitting time hits. The other "senior" employees are the same way, they hit the bricks when the time clock hits their time, but the new employees stay and try to do everything perfect.

Caring does not pay around here....

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