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Friday, June 18, 2004
  What am I destined for? Part III

In some ways it's comforting to come to the realization that the reason I dont do well at this job is because its not the work that I am suited for or destined for.

Yeah, I'm sad that I've went off course and am on the back side of 30. But I am making positive steps towards my dream I cant tell you about without being too specific. Even if I never figure everything out, I have found ways to volunteer to use my gifts. I used to think that if you did not do everything that God meant for you to do, you would be a lost soul wandering through the desert of your life never doing anything right. I'm starting to believe that God's plans are a lot more flexible than we give him credit for and we should not worry so much.

He's not up in heaven going, "Oh great, he took that call center job, now I'll never be able to get any use out of him, man what a bozo. Just forget, I'll find someone else to work through!"

People are not a perfect conduit for God's plan's and purposes, but in the end he uses us as little or as much as we allow him.

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