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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
  What is Evil? Part I

What is evil behavior and what is just "hard management decisions"? How do we know the difference between decisions that need to be made to continue the existence of a business, and those decisions that put profit above humane treatment of employees?

We can't call everything done by management evil. So what is evil, what makes an act evil?

The answer is straight-forward: Evil actions cause needless pain and sacrifice to others when they are not necessary for your survival.

But like any straight-forward answer, there will always be a lawyer-like addendum and redefinition of survival. They will say that corporations need certain amounts of profits and capital in order to survive and continue to compete. It's true enough, but the scale always slides to their favor. What do CEO's need to live on?

But the question of what makes people able to commit evil actions has more to do with how they see the people "beneath" them than what they see as right and wrong.

Continued in Part II
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