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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
  Holiday Weekends

We all take turn working weekends. But holiday weekends are the worst. There is very little we can do on a weekend. Much of this is because much of the work that we do is either based on the market, or has to do with the banking world. The other problem is that the outside contractors that we use to help us from time to time are not open, or have limited resources on the weekend.

Therefore, it seems like the day before a holiday, and the day after we are very,very busy. Not only that, we spend a good portion of the day explaining to the customer why we can't help them, and how nothing can be done. I like to think I'm a fairly compassionate, soft-hearted, puppy-dog kind of guy, but I get a real sadistic kick out of bursting these people's bubbles.

Why you may ask? Because I come across people everyday that believe that their money or status means that rules don't apply to them and the world never closes whenever they want service.This is the closest I get to being able to tell some of these people that the world is not fair, and they aren't special.

If you thought it sounded like I was almost giggling when I told you I was extremely sorry, but nothing could be done, you were probabally right......

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