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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Training Days...

Most people in the center get training duty from time to time. That's where some wide-eyed temp-agency candidate sits with you for a while and you train them in the mysterious ways of the call center.

The human resources guru does have the forethought to keep the newbies out of the jaws of the hardened old guys. They will either flat out refuse to train or tell the new hires more than they ever wanted to know.

I'm divided on training. I like to train people. I'm a freakin' nurturer, ask anyone. I also labor under the incredible delusion that maybe the people that I train will end up making this place better. I mean, if all of the people that start working here start caring and doing a good job, maybe this could become a nice place to work. Hasn't happened yet, in fact the opposite has happened a couple of time. I prefer not to remember I trained those people...

Of course there is always this little voice in the pit of my stomach wanting to scream at the top of my lungs:

"Get out! Run, Damn you! Run!
Don't you know where you are?
You are in the call center of the living dead!
Run! Get out while your soul is intact!"

Then I settle down, and remember no one told me either. So, I try to make sure they get an indirect hint of what's going on, and hope they make it. Most of the time they know it sucks, but need a job like the rest of us....

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