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Sunday, August 29, 2004
  10 of the Best Things

The last 2 days have been good. Here is a list of the best 10 things of the last 2 days (not in order of importance):

10. Snapple Diet Raspberry Ice Tea. Might not be a fine wine, but it has a delicate full bodied taste, and goes great with Doritos.

9. "Fields of Gold"-I think this is the best song Sting has ever wrote.

8. My cat crawling up on my chest and purring as I scratched his ears.

7. The lovely breathy timbre of my wife's voice.

6. Pizza Hut Thin Crust.

5. "In Your Face" by Richard Elliot, off the "On the Town" CD. One of my all time favorite jazz songs.

4. Something, something....

3. My callers at the center alternating between Southern Graciousness and New England Sarcasm. Somedays I like the people that call in, this was one of them.

2. Going 70 miles an hour down the turnpike on a beautiful summer day, and finally noticing the blue sky and white clouds that looked like a Monet.

1. I remembered my Grandma who had died about 10 years ago, and it felt like she was there. Her bob hair cut, continual Marlboro cigarette, and bright red lipstick. She could out-cuss a sailor, took no crap from anybody, but would always light up when I came in the room and mark my cheek with her lipstick. She called me "little doll". My grandma was the coolest.

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