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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
  Between the Left and the Right

I hate this time of year, campaign time, especially the conventions. Have you ever been in a church service, or sporting event, where everyone else was just delirious with emotion at what was going on, and you felt nothing? The pastor is giving an impassioned altar call, the music is playing and people are streaming to the front to pray, or be prayed for, and you feel absolutely nothing. Or you are at a stadium, and everyone is screaming and yelling, doing the wave and dancing to some incredibly loud, overused rock anthem, and you're just sitting there thinking, "Get over yourselves, it's just a ball." It's a really weird feeling, like you are alone in the world, like something is wrong with you. But much of the time you also feel like, "Damn, am I the only sane person in this entire universe?"

When I hear the rhetoric from the two parties during their conventions and hear the speeches I feel the same way. But more than that, I sicken at how the two parties reduce our essay question lives to true and false, they don't even give us any multiple choices. There's more to the world than Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, we don't have to think in black and white in a world full of color.

Here's a great cartoon about thinking between simply left or right from that great alternative comic, Cat and Girl entitled:

"Girls in a Cafeteria Fight"


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