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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
  Relationships With Customers..

Well, I'm mostly over the little "Uber-Snit" I had last week. But nothing has really changed for the better, the tension just died down to a tolerable level for the time being.

But there is something that I like about my job that I have never discussed. I enjoy the relationships that I have built with some of my customers. Besides some of our institutional customers, we have customers that just do a lot of business with us. I know them by the sound of their voice and actually enjoy talking to them.

A large part of my business is following instructions. Whether they are the instructions of my company, standing instructions on file in the computer for all the different customers, or just verbal instructions from my customers, doing what I am told correctly is essential in my work.

What's interesting though is that with many customers I have moved beyond their verbal and on-file instructions and know what they want before they say it. Even better than that, sometimes I do what they want before they tell me to. You certainly can't do that with everyone, and it is a small group of individuals that get that kind of treatment. But I enjoy giving that kind of service. I know they are really pleased when I call them and already have the plan of attack ready to fix their problem. It may never get me a raise working for this ungrateful corporation, but it makes feel like I've made someone else's life better, and that's truly gratifying.

-Anonymous Cog

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