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Thursday, September 16, 2004
  Who needs some perspective?

I dealt with a customer today that really pissed me off. He requested I set up a transaction to occur at a certain time and let him know immediately how it transpired. Call centers being the way they are this did not go down the way it should have. His transaction was delayed by about an hour and he may have lost about $100 on the rate besides being delayed for a meeting. He is an insurance executive.

I swear, he was about to cry like a 4 year old girl in a frilly party dress with little blond curls who had lost the corvette that went with her Malibu Barbie. He's making gobs of money, loses a measly $100 compared to the very healthy profit he will make anyway, and he is almost weeping.

It just kills me that so many people with money(not all of them) have no perspective of how fortunate they are compared to the rest of the world. In the Southern states of our country people are losing their homes, and sometimes their lives, just trying to hang on to body and soul, and he's complaining about $100. That $100 would feed a family in Costa Rica for a month, and he probabally spends that much on coffee every month.

I just wanted to scream into the phone, "Boo-Frickety-Hoo you Schmuck! if you don't like it, take care of your business yourself! Go on, see how good you can do yourself! You make me sick! Your kind of arrogant,selfish,self-absorbed putzs are are what's wrong with America!"

I don't hate all rich people, I know that's wrong. I know we need some form of capitalism to create jobs. But America's obsession with Social Darwinism is wrong and has led to callousness to the poor and a greedy,grasping,never satisfied, love of profit.

Ok, I feel better....had not had a Marxist rant for a while...

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