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Call Center Purgatory
Friday, September 10, 2004
  Why is it so dark in here? What's that smell?

Breathtakingly mediocre. A triumph of dumb-assedness. Quite possibly the stupidest and most careless call center worker I have had the displeasure of working with.

Want to know who I am talking about?

It's me....

I had my head so far up my ass today, I would have needed a gps, a miners helmet, and a belt full of carabiners to find my way home.

All of the things that I piss and moan about my fellow workers doing, I think I did at least one of each of them today. I was sloppy, careless, and bs'ed my through most of the day. I forgot to enter data into the computer, I did not check my work, I did not update the call sheet, on and on.

I think I'm just a little over tired and under the weather. But you know, in some ways its not such a bad thing to realize you aren't all that you believe yourself to be. When you start taking such pride in your perfection, and your attention to detail, that you cant slack off now and then you are kind of, well, a tight-ass.

I guess in some sort of Zen-like philosophy, you should "embrace the slack within so that you may flex like the reed, but never break like the popsicle stick"...Or something like that.

I whole heartedly believe in trying to be a better call center worker, person, and spiritual being. But I also embrace that I am flawed, imperfect, and desperately in need of help. If we could have attained perfection on our own, He would have not needed to hang on the cross...



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