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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  Alienation in an image

Kudos to Bernard over at Bailey's Broadcast for the excellent cog image!

Anonymous Cog

Sometimes words don't communicate things as viscerally and as emphatically as an image. That's what I like about this image. It represents how small and helpless an individual can feel in a brown,drab corporate world.

I know,I know...Somebody needs a hug!

jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity
OCD...all too familiar with it....Here's a typical hr out of my day. While walking toward the frontdoor I pass over my rug and notice the fringe....bend down to straighten and I find a penny....I head for my sons room to make a 1cent deposit...on the way out of his room I see faint fingerprints on the wall in the hallway...naturally, I head for kitchen to get cleaner...but while passing the frig, I remember the spilled koolaid in it and stop to clean it. But of course I don't finish the task because my sister calls wanting to know why I'm still home when I'm suppose to be picking her up for a movie. All kidding aside, this is a real story.
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