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Monday, October 25, 2004
  Making Blog Explosion Work for You...

Those of you that are using Blog Explosion know that it is an incredible way to raise your traffic. But to those of you that are new to it, I have a couple of ideas that make it work even better.

First off, if you are patient and keep surfing for a while, you can get a lot of mystery credits. I have won 100 credits at least three times, and normally win around an average of 15-25 per time if I will surf 20-30 pages or more.

Second, try to "bank" as many unused credits as you can. Don't just put them back into your accounts to get traffic. You can only put 25% in unused, but if you save them up until you have around 100 or more, you can make the best use of them. This leads me to my third point.

All of us have posts that aren't so hot. Not everything on our blogs is going to be incredibly fascinating. But when you have a day where your post is smoking, when you have put into words the mysteries of love, world peace and comfortable shoes, combined with smoking sarcasm-this is the time to crank up your blogplosion credits. When I have a post I think is good, I try to transfer 10-15 credits to my account so I will get the full benefit of it.

If all you do is surf until you have a bunch of credits, but spend them all at once, you may have people seeing the same post repeatedly, and that could guarantee you less traffic in the end.

Lastly, Blogplosion is only one tool to gain traffic. The best way is still more personal-that is good,old-fashioned networking. Leave comments on blogs you like, put up a blogroll, promote other people's blogs. If you find a post that is really good, link to it and tell the author and your readers why you think this is good writing. If someone links to you, you should link to them unless you aren't crazy about their writing, or don't want to have too many links.

Some people think this sounds phony, and self-serving. I disagree. This type of networking is being kind to others, and that is always a good thing to do. Where this becomes phony is when you start expecting links, even demanding them. Or maybe you are acting like a used-car salesman, and badgering people.

Just do good to others without thought of reward, and you will get links from people you can consider friends. You will also develop a community of like minded blogs. That's the great thing about the blogosphere, there is room for every kind of thought, and you can find others that share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,


I agree with you. I always love finding comments on my blog from people I don't know. I've made some nice online friends that way. Plus I have a tagboard on my blog so if I'm having a ho hum can just say hi.

Take care!
A very good point about using the banked credits for more traffic when you have a good post. I suggest you also add some banners and transfer a few credits to each banner when you have that good post.
Thanks for the tips! I'll adjust that straight away.
I think this is a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I have been using credits and not really posting anything new.
Sounds like a wonderful warm fuzzy blog philosophy and I'd love to join in the hug...I don't have a blog, don't have plans to have one but I love to read this one. I have on occasion clicked 'next blog' to see what's out there. But not clear on how/why I would collect these credits. Can I cash them in for $ (haha). Is there a 'bank' for those who are credit worthy yet credit poor?
Well what you just wrote makes perfect sense. Thanks for the tips, AC.
Thanks for the great tips and the nice comment you left earlier today. Will add your link to my site in the next day or so. Nice to know I'm not the only one trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!
I've never thought about trying to increase traffic to my blog, but it sounds interesting.
I'm new to blog explosion and don't quite understand the credit thing and haven't really found anything to explain it in plain english. Could you help me out please?
Those are pretty interesting techniques to try. Thanks for sharing this to us.
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