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Saturday, October 23, 2004
  Murmurs of Mutiny...

"We should all just walk out one day!"

The coworker that said this was entirely serious. She is a tall blonde in her 40's with a couple of kids and bills like the rest of us. But she was not kidding at all. She has always been a top performer, and is very responsible. But she and other people have actually discussed walking out on a busy day and leaving the phones ringing, with the bosses to answer them. She has even got some of the younger workers, and 4 of the veterans interested. I only heard about this week, but it certainly does not surprise me.

I haven't decided if it's the right thing to do yet, because I don't know if the management here would be able to do anything. I'm sure thats what they want us to think anyway. I'm also concerned because to do this now when we are losing so many customers may just be the impetus the company needs to close down, or fire a bunch of people.

All of the employees talk about that something has to happen, good, bad, right wrong. We're all straining and hoping for any kind of change, even bad news is some kind of news.

I do have my own plans to leave the place that are coming along well. I can't explain any more without putting things in danger. I will let you know as soon as things change one way or the other.

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Take a deep breath and don't do anything wreckless. I hope the plans work out but I hope this doesn't mean the end of the blog.
Walk-outs are serious. You are right, it would cause a crisis... and change - maybe for better or for worse.
Sometimes, something just needs to be done...
We're in the same situation where I am.. but I figure it's more promising for me to leave on my own, because I'm really only concerned with how my life is going. Put some thought into it!
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