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Sunday, October 10, 2004
  Oh Canada...

Working in the call center, I have had the opportunity to speak to a lot of Canadians. I also have a close friend that lives here that is from Ontario. I always knew that they were very similar to the United States in their culture, but there were differences that I could not always put my finger on. I have always wanted to understand more of what it means to be Canadian, and what is different about them compared to the US. I'm sure you haven't noticed this, but many Americans don't seem to really think about the values and cultures of other countries. Sometimes it seems that multiculturalism has never really been our schtick...

Over on my other blog "Poverty,Politics and Faith", I have a guest post from Andrea, who writes the blog,"Tales of a Farm Wife". This is an excellent essay about what's going on with Canada's liberal government, and their social programs. It's just an excellent piece of writing that you need to read.

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