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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  Pledge Week on NPR

I hate this time of year. I can't listen to "All Things Considered", "Car Talk", or "A Prairie Home Companion" without being besieged for donations...

That's why I finally became a member.

Now as I drive my car on the turnpike or through town there is a warm,smug feeling that flows through me, because at least in one part of my life I am not a selfish slacker.

I know that some of my more conservative readers are saying, "But NPR is a bastian of left-wing thought! they're biased!". I'm not going to disagree with you, Diane Ream and Garrison Keilor leap to the front of my mind when I think of liberal bias.

But Bill Oreily, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, are all biased too.

Hey Einstein, Everybody's biased!

If you only listen to the bias that you agree with you may become a close minded ignorant troll. NPR really makes an effort to be less biased. They also go out of their way more often than other news sources to show the whole picture.

Give them a try, they report things the other media sources don't even cover.

And while you are listening, click the link below, find your local station and pry the $20 or $30 bucks needed out your wallet to make you feel smug, at least until next years pledge drive...

National Public Radio

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I listen to 'National' or 'State Owned' radio (whatever the proper name is) here in NZ and even though the news can never be completely unbiased its far better and more comprehensive than the commercial stations. We even get some American public radio segments along with other international programs. And the great thing is - NO Ads!!
car talk is alright.

all things considered i find annoying, mostly because the people on it seem way too content and smug in their own self-envisioned superiority.
I used to enjoy NPR when I heard it, but I rarely listen to the radio. But you're right, everyone's biased. I try to be consciously aware of that in everything I see and read, but it does get a little tiresome. Sometimes you just want to relax and not worry about such things.
Must admit, I was thinking of donating too, and then Jean Kroc goes and spoils it for all of us little people. Who said McDonald's is bad for you?
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