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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
  Profit and Loss...

Things have not been improving at the call center lately. We have continued to lose some of our corporate customers, besides the individual investors. I know due to the reduction in staff that money must be a problem. Last week when it was not busy, they sent some temps home for the day and severely restricted overtime.

Of course this worries all of us. But what I find myself wondering about when our management will be held responsible for this loss of business. I always wonder what the people at corporate are thinking about the continual loss of business. There must be some bean counter somewhere who is reporting to the president of MegaAnonymousCorp that owns us how the call center is losing money.

But things have been getting progressively worse little by little for the last 3-4 years. It makes me wonder how long it takes someone to consider a change in management. I know they can only blame the workers for so long until they start thinking of changing management.

When people here have complained to management about the lack of pay raises and how things are going so bad, all they can say is that they aren't getting any bonuses or pay raises either. I think they are as depressed and cynical as the rest of us.

Change of management is not only a good idea, I believe that is the only thing that may save this place...


I feel your pain man. Our parent company has been bought and there is talk that our office will be moved back to the corporate HQ which sucks for most of us since it's located out-of-state.
Hang in there man.

Mad Tech
Management is great at blaming everyone else but themselves. In fact, I think it's a trait you need in order to become one of the bigwigs. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?

Hang in there, Anon Cog. I hope things get better for you.
Hang in there AC. But be prepared as in my experiences, when companies get to this point it is never bloodless. :-(

My anonymous corp does a nifty little thing where they keep shuffling the same 8 ineffectual directors around in a circle thinking it will fix things (it never does).

Management will never be held responsible, this is a sad fact of American corporate business models and the concept of the corporation. By management is anyone over your immediate supervisor level. I have found that at peon status, the only thing worse is team lead status. You can't really hire or fire anyone, you are responsible for everyone under you, and your butt gets fired when it hits the fan. I call it the V formation, as a team lead crap rolls to you from both directions and you are almost powerless to affect real change.
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