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Sunday, October 17, 2004
  Random Linkage...

Great news! Chaotic Spring from "Anxiously Yours" has returned to the Blogosphere:
Check out : Chaotic Spring

Found some other blogs you may want to check out:
Very interesting blog from JJ from Amsterdam. Fascinating stuff. Much smarter than me, but probabally not as humble...

Another denizen of Call Center Purgatory:
I really enjoyed her post entitled:
"I just can't handle stupid today!"

I'm not sure how to describe this last blog. I don't agree with half of it, and am totally agreed with the other half. But agreement aside, the writing is spectacular on all manner of subjects under the sun. This is the sort of stuff you should have to pay to read...
"A Placeless World"



ps(fixed "A Placeless World" link today, sorry about that...)

if ya got nothing better to do, my blog is worth a looksee every now and then.

i'm a friend of spring's as well.
Whats your URL? Your profile is not open to check out...
Since he hasn't posted it, I'll put it up. His blog is here.
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