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Monday, October 18, 2004
  Sprucing up the old blog...

If you may have noticed, I have been making some changes around here. Finally got rid of haloscan comments, they were hard to use and I found them cumbersome with my pop-up blocker. The bad thing is that you can only comments on new posts. We'll see if we stay with this or not.

I also got rid of the tag-board. Which was kind of a hard decision, but I hated the pop-up that came with it. Besides, I don't like having a lot of excess visual crap on the blog, it causes people to pass it up and not read the posts.

Speaking of visual things, does anyone have an opinion about the new cog logo? Someone custom designed it for me, put I have not been able to get it small enough that it does not look too pixelated, any opinions?

Thanks for reading,


love the logo :-)
I've heard that doesn't have pop ups but I've never used it myself.
The logo looks nice.. but then when I refreshed my page it turned into the wheel thing. =)

Nevertheless, changes are good. Too bad though about not being able to comment on previous posts.
To make it smaller, try cropping out a small portion of the whole image to use. You could also photoshop it and smooth it after it's been reduced.

It's a nice image
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