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Friday, November 05, 2004
  The Bathroom

We have two bathrooms for the staff. Both of them are large and handicapped accessible. They are right next to each other, up the stairs by the vending machines and the human resources office. The ladies room is a nice dusty rose color, and I think I even saw some hand lotion and pretty soap when I walked by one day. Of course, the men's bathroom is less tidy, I'll just leave it at that...

I have worked in places with bathrooms that the bubonic plague would be ashamed to breed in. One place I remember did not have doors on the stalls. Not only that, but there was this one guy who would always stop and talk to you while you were there. It's not that he was a pervert, or liked making people feel uncomfortable. He was just oblivious to social boundaries, and fancied himself some sort of roving philosopher looking for a captive audience.

The reason I like the bathroom is that its like some little zen paradise. It's away from the call floor, and the memos and the stupidity. Sometimes, if I am really losing it, I turn off the light and just sit there for 4 or 5 minutes in total darkness. The only light I see is the flashing red LED on the automatic air freshener system, the only sound is the hiss of baby powder scent cleansing the atmosphere.

When I go in there, and lock the door, I can't hear Larry screaming, I can't hear that buzz of conversation like so many hopeless drones in a hive producing money for the queen corporation in another state.

There is one place in my world that is quiet and peaceful, though it's still kind of smelly...

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It's nice to have a place to de-stress while you are at work. Since we can't basically smoke inside the building, I go to this place at the back of our building and sit there along with my friends while we go talk about things - of course not work related. =)
Ah yes, the workplace bathroom. A little cubicle of privacy, a little island of selfishness in the midst of chaos. Sometimes, a person just has to get away.
Good for you! I also escape to the bathroom sometimes when it all gets too much.
When you think about it, it's kind of sad that when a bathroom becomes a sanctuary, but I guess that's what the world is coming to.

Stay in there as long as you need to, bud. :)

Chaotic Spring
We have a bathroom in our office, and one down the hall that belongs to the rest of the building. I favor the one down the hall, because the ones in the office are right in the frippin' middle of everything- I don't want anybody keeping track!

The bad thing is, in the bathroom down the hall, the lights are on a timer. If you sit there for more than 3 minutes, the lights go out. Not much of a sanctuary for me....sigh
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