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Sunday, November 14, 2004
  A Little Help Please...

Hey everybody,

I need some help with a couple of things to spruce up the old blog, and build some more traffic(just never enough with some people).

I am looking for an image hosting service that is both reliable and easy to use-the one I was using was only working half the time.

I am also looking for somewhere I can design a banner ad for Blog explosion.

Leave comments below,

Thanks for your help,


This is gonna make me feel unjustifiably geeky but in answer to your question, for pics I use photobucket which has been a wonder so far and if I can wrap my noggin around it has to be easy. As for banners , one of my regular reads had some a while back but I can't remember who it was. If I find it later I'll pop back and let you know.
I've been using Hello- it was offered with Blogger- and that was of absolutely no help, I'm sorry!
photobucket rocks, and for a banner/button, (it will be small) go to
I use 'Hello' my self and it works ok.
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