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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
  My political statement about the election.

The polls will be closing soon, and I am very nervous. I'm not really freaking out about who is going to be president, because it's my opinion they're both weasels-just two different types. We're screwed either way.

But will we ever be truly united as a nation again? Are we losing something more important than putting the wrong guy into the oval office? Have we forever lost that sense of national unity? Nationalism has become more nasty, and civics is more cynical than I ever remember in my life.

Let me explain why I'm concerned.

When I was a kid, I remember election day would come, and the next day we would have a new president. Everyone may be sad for a while, and you knew not to talk about Carter or Nixon around Grandma, but the country accepted the count, and moved on. This continued on throughout my teen and young adult years. But everything started changing around the time of Bill Clinton, and really went downhill at the end of the 2000 election. That five weeks of limbo when we did not know who was going to be president was torture. The bad thing is, nothing has improved. Sure, we may not have hanging chads this year, but we already have an army of lawyers on both the Democratic and Republican side that are chomping at the bit to be released like the hounds of hell upon those of us in Election Purgatory.

If we don't step back from all of this name calling, and blaming, and berating, we are going to become like the Israelis and the Palestinians. Every evil is repaid by another evil. Every slight, every harassment is visited back ten-fold on the enemy.

It has to stop this year! The lawyers, the campaign bosses and power-mongers have to stop thinking about position, power and money, and for once do what they keep saying is foremost in their minds: Do what's best for America!

This country was not founded on such great principles of fairness and truth, only to be undermined by the endless arguing of lawyers, and the slimy tricks of the media elite!

Accept the count, accept the ballots, don't tear the country apart to try to make up for all of the wrongs both parties have suffered. The faith of the American people in the soundness of our system of government is worth much more than any party gains.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.
****AnonymousCog for President****
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