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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Curling up under the pillows on a cold night, I settle in for seven hours of oblivion. My cat curls up on around my head like some vibrating white hat trying to suck the heat out of me. We have a lovely symbiotic relationship...

Less than five minutes later, I am out...

Coming in and out of the tide of dream consciousness.

Punching the time clock.
Drinking coffee.
Angelina Jolie is stirring my coffee,(what lips!)
Chasing the customer complaint specialist with a cattle prod.
No, Mr. Customer, you can't have everything that you want, but I would like to reccomend that you kiss my ass, ok? bye bye.
Szechuan sesame chicken with broccoli and crab rangoon...
Strapping on my backpack, walking into a green valley...
The sound of wind rushing around me, cold autumn air on my legs, the sweet, ripe smell of crunchy leaves.
I'm sitting under my favorite tree in the woods, there is a mirror pond ahead, my wife beside me.
God, it's the alarm...
Not again....

Thanks for Reading,

haha! That's a good one!
Now my Saturday night can begin......
oops, I mean FRIDAY I asleep right now and dreaming it's Saturday??? How surreal.
Had to share this with you!

Sorry if you've already seen it. It is so on my xmas list!
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