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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
  Preppie Lumberjack

Lately I have been spending some time getting the house ready for the Cog family Christmas celebration under the constant supervision of Mrs. Cog. My sensibilities being more suited to literary pursuits than decorating, I was banished to catch up the laundry instead of any real Christmasy stuff.

As I folded socks and underwear and hung up shirts and pants I pondered something. Why do they put button down collars on flannel shirts? I've always considered button down collars appropriate for sport shirts and dress shirts, you know, something that you might put a tie on. But why in the wide world would you put a tie on a flannel shirt? Is there some University of Oxford extension in Alberta where there are young men in club ties and navy blazers learning the finer points of using chain saws? Are they seeking a degree in forestry management?

Oops, my wife caught me blogging... back to the salt mines...

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Oh my God, that is too funny! I never paid attention to the collars on flannel shirts. Now I'm going to wonder every time I see them!

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