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Monday, December 20, 2004
  This is the sound of goodbye

Click the link above to read a sweet piece about saying no to rude customers...


AWESOME post. I agree with the man (woman?): it seems that, as customers, we're so used to getting our way that we're becoming mean about it. Perhaps it looks like an American problem because we're so customer-oriented. Believe me, when the other countries adopt this attitude, they'll probably start seeing the same problems.

I'd like to pass on advice to non-helpdesk/service desk people: YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU'RE NICE. Trust me. The nicer the customer was to me, the more I'd bend over backwards trying to help them. I'd even find ways to do small favors for them.

I think a lot of people in the customer service industry would agree with me on that one.

Our callcenter doesn't allow us to 'release' a call if the customer is rude, unless they are totally flipped out, using the worst language possible and threatening our lives. Part of customer satisfaction is letting strangers *relieve themselves* on us kind of like how a dog pisses on a tree and walks away satisfied. But just as a tree has more to live for than being a toilet for a dog, I too let it slide and move on. THEY are the ones who have to live with themselves. (and their family and friends who probably know what a jerk they are too) yet I, on the otherhand, can look forward to the other 1,430 minutes left in my day. 'The Giving Tree" is my favorite book.
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