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Thursday, December 16, 2004
  The World as I Know It Turns Upside Down...


What an incredibly strange day I have had. It started out with some slow time to drink coffee and chew the fat with my coworkers, then it got freaky from there. Over the last week four different people have either left the center altogether, or have been transferred to another part of the corporation. What this meant to me was I got to spend some more quality face time in the GM's office with Larry, two other employees and someone from human resources.

"With these changes in our workforce on the floor, we need to ask you all to step up and help us make the transition smooth for our customers.", the HR rep quipped, thinking he had once again cornered the market on the obvious. The HR drone droned some more,"As you know, several of our customers are so diverse in their investments, not just anybody can handle them. You three need to make sure that everything they need is taken care of and that we make sure the billing is handled quickly and efficiently"

The GM had been acting very strange. He was actually leaning forward looking at us with what appeared sincere concern, not leaning back in his chair like he was bored that he had to speak to us. He finally spoke and we discussed specifics about taking care of these special customers, and he was very cordial.

Larry even expressed some thanks for all the work that we had done so far for these customers. It was actually a very pleasant meeting. Kind of frightening...

The day progressed, and this customer decided to put us to the test with multiple trades, but always getting sent to me and the other "specialists". That, combined with a real increase in call volume, almost like some sort of run, towards the end of the day caused some real overtime just to get caught up and get everything documented enough to cover our asses.

Larry said I did a good job today...

I just don't know what to believe in anymore, my whole sorry world is falling into happy pieces around me. At least I didn't get a raise for the extra work, that would really have been hard to deal with(maybe not so much). Maybe tomorrow will suck, because the universe as I know it is seriously messed up.

Thanks for reading,

Pessimistically yours,


You have a very difficult job. Good luck w/ it.
aaaah sometimes you get this sense that everything seems to be going too well and can't help but wonder what's happening?

being the optimist that i am, i normally just sit back and enjoy the good things.
Are you sure you weren't dreaming? It all sounds a bit freaky.

Like the schoolteacher blog by the way.
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