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Monday, January 10, 2005
  1977 13" Sony Color TV

The shades of my perceptions of reality flicker like some redneck TV with only pliers to change the channel. I can't find the bent butterknife we always used to adjust the colors and vertical hold. That part of the vision refuses to stay steady, and all I see are rolling forms in garish colors. I think its MASH, but I can't be sure.

My own paradigms of reason, kindness and faith change the same way when I see the baseness and fear inside my own heart. Why must my life be a re-run of mediocrity when I can't even get it right the first time?

Somebody, anybody, slap me upside the head, so the picture will straighten up again...

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SLAP!! Glad I could help.
You need some aluminum foil on the antenna AC. I feel your pain on the dullness of life at the moment. I have decided to plan a vacation in May as something to look forward to. Perhaps you could think about planning one too!
The antiquity of the TV is secondary. If the film on it tonight is good enough, you won't change it for a plasma screen.

Hope you feel better. Because this thing i just said was so blatantly hackneyed and predictable that i'm loathing myself right now. :D
No Edgar, you are embracing both saccharine sweet sentimentality and irony at the same time. Its cool.
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