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Friday, January 28, 2005
  The Good News...

The good news from the beyond was that my uncle had located a job opening in state government that had went unnoticed by many people. Not just any job, but a non-production job that may actually make a positive difference in this world. Whether it actually will or not, its a way out of purgatory that I thought would never come. Government benefits, an eventual increase in pay and less of a commute. This is the best opportunity to come my way in a long time.

It was me and maybe two others that applied. I got an interview with a Phd. and some very stern civil servants. They interviewed two others also. The suit has been hung back up in the closet, and the thank you notes sent. Now the waiting begins...

Between my anxiety over whether I will get the job I dream of, there is the continuing garbage here at work. On Wednesday, Larry was away at a management seminar(good waste of money), and the phones went berserk. I wont go into details, but I was yelled at for something I didnt do, and I yelled back. It was bitter, and petty, and ignorant. It just made me feel sad, hateful and just tired to my core.

I've been expecting the other shoe to drop all day, and it never did. I keep hoping that I will get the job before they fire me. The thought that keeps me going is figuring out if I'm simply going to burn the bridge or call in an air-strike. But I'll probabally still give notice, it would actually be enjoyable to work out two weeks with no fear at all...

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I'm keeping fingers and even TOES crossed, Cog. I really, really hope you get this job and get out of Purgatory. Hey, you might have to change the title of your blog!

I hope you get it AC... sounds like the job made for you.
Hoping for you!!!
The last two weeks are hard, actually, because you'll just spend it wishing you could leave. :)
Hope you get it. And if you do, can you find a post for me too please! Willing to relocate at the drop of a hat... :)
GL with the job. I too work with a... unique induhvidual at my place of employment named Larry. Perhaps... nah.
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