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Monday, January 24, 2005
  News from the great beyond...


"Anonymous Investments, this is AC. How can I help you?"
"Hi, this is your eternal soul. How's it goin'?"
"Dude, I told you to never bother me at work! What do you want?"
"Well, it's nice to hear from you too. So how's my brother, Reason for Living doing?"
"He's at home with the flu...He's in bad shape. Out of the whole family, only Cynicism, Survival Sense, and Depression could make it today."
"Listen, I won't keep you long. I know you have asses to kiss and you're still trying to sell me on e-bay, but I've got some good news. Are you ready for it?"
"Get on with it, my coffee's getting cold and I have to pee."
"Word is coming to me from the world of Universal Good that you may find a way out of Purgatory soon."
"Don't yank my chain again. What have you heard?"
"Just ask your uncle tonight when you get home. He's got news."

And he was gone...

More news as it becomes available...

Thanks for reading,


Click Here to Read What the Good News Was...

ooh ooh! Tell Uncle Miltie I want to come too!!!!
Ahh dude, I feel your pain. I'm in a similar line of work. My soul doesn't call any more. Or write.
Suspense... suspense... I can't take it.

I hope it's good news :)

The e-bay listing for my soul closed a loooong time ago...keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Of course, if you get a job that doesn't suck, whatever will we read about??
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