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Friday, February 18, 2005
  Bacon, I sing your praises...

Curly and crispy,
Salty and smoky,
You put the pizazz in my pierogies,
Combined with onions,
You are the perfection of my pizza.

Without you, a cheeseburger is some sort of cheap sandwich.
With you, (and extra onions),
It is as spectacular as prime rib.

You make me as happy as when I was in third grade,
When the prettiest teacher in the world would put
A happy face on my spelling tests,
With the words, "Great Job!".

You more than make up for the stinking,
Ill-tempered beast that is your origin.
Without you, the world is cold and empty,
Like sex without foreplay.

I really like bacon...

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Mmmm, bacon, fried egg in a toasted bun and hot coffee.Damn, I'm Hank Marvin ( starving ) now.
I recently read an article saying that women who eat bacon are at higher risk for developing diabetes...and I DON'T CARE!!! Take away bacon, take away another reason to live...
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