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Monday, February 28, 2005
  Capitalism Means Morals Are Negotiable

Sometime last month I was asked to help clear up an 8 month old billing error. It seems one of the other companies that contracts out some of our billing data entry made a big error and we did not get paid for some trades that I set up.

The trades were for one of my least favorite corporate customers who screams like a wounded rabbit anytime they have to pay any extra fees (that by the way is a scary sound). This customer is evil. I mean the sort of "smile-at-you-showing-big-canine-incisors-before-biting-your-arm-off" kind of evil.

I called her up and explained that it was an honest mistake and we needed to bill them for the charges because it had never been billed to them even though the trade was successful.

"I'm so sorry AC. But we just can't accept a bill that old. You do understand.", she said with a Cruella Deville kind of smoothness.
"I do understand its an inconvenience, but the trade was very successful, by my information here, you even complimented us on the excellent profit you made."
"So sorry. I just don't pay bills that old. Better luck next time." **click**

People like this are why guillotines were invented. People like this are why perfectly good wine bottles are emptied so they can be filled with gasoline for Molotov cocktails.

The rest of us can't get away with this type of shit as individuals. Why are corporations allowed to. Yes, I know we could turn them in for collection, and that there are options. But they are a big company and we need their business. She knew she had us by the short hairs.

I know businesses need to make money, but why does that allow right and wrong to be blurred. Is there some place in economics class where you are taught that your soul must be left behind in order to make money? Maybe this is just one little blog, but it's important that it be said, there is good and bad in this world. Making money does not excuse being evil.

I hope she gets to the end of her life and there is a judgement day and all of her making profit is shown as the moldy feces laden garbage that it is, and she has nothing left to show for her life but dishonest profit, no mercy, no charity, nothing. I hope there is a special place in Hell for people that knew how to really work that bottom line. If there is any justice, maybe there could be a big room filled with sewing machines and they could make sportswear to be sold in The Gap while demons whip their backs if they don't make quota, and even the coffee is cold. Yeah...that would be good.

(If I smoked, I would have to stop to have one right now, that felt good...)

Thanks for listening,


[raises fist into the air]
ANY system can be abused. The thing I've discovered is that the corperations or businesses that actally take care of their employees and customers and treat them the way they would like to be treated (yee olde golden rule) and have a competative product... they succeed and do well. Their employees are willing to do more for them as well. However, most places have a different model--they choose to put out fires. Usually this is by creating two more for everyone one they put out, and they're basically in constant crisis mgmt mode. Sales are down, that means we have to be jerks with paying people. Productivity is down, therefore we have to be jerks about people punching back in from breaks. Instead of y'know, making it a more pleasent place to be, so that people WANT to get back to work. Everything happens in cycles, and some businesses spend EVERY cycle putting out fires from the cicle before it. It's not the problem of the capitalist model. It's the problem of idiots trying to perpetually cut corners because being nice is just too fricking difficult, and therefore nowhere near their management style.
I'm going to try that with the electric company: "I'm sorry, but it's just against my policy to pay what I owe." Let's see how fast my lights go out.
It's good that you can still distinguish right from wrong. But don't let those so-and-sos drag you down to their level. Send them a blessing (I mean that seriously!) and let them go.
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