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Monday, February 14, 2005
  February 13

More than 13 years ago(gotta be vague...),I went on my first date with my wife. We met at college. Our first date was great. I didn't have much money, but it went ok. I bought her fuschia carnations. We saw a romantic Disney movie. We went to a charming restaraunt and I almost ran out of money. Wherever the waiter is now, sorry I stiffed you for the tip, it wasn't on purpose.

She was the first woman that I ever really "clicked" with. All of the others were either not kind, did not like me, too much drama, or just nuts. She is kind, sensible, intelligent, sexy and just a nice person. I think that most of the world does not notice what a great person she is.

I walk through my world and see masterpieces of women. I watch them move and smell their perfume. I hear their melodic voices. I like women, they are one of the nicest things about the world. I think this would be an even more cruel, base place without the influence of women.

No matter how much I like other women, there could be no other woman as beautiful and kind and wonderful as my wife. She captures my heart and passion for ever...

Happy Valentines Day,

Thanks for reading,


Aww. That's so sweet :)
You are a gem yourself!...glad that you two are still in love after 13 years...
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