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Monday, February 21, 2005
  Music and Movies

I finally saw "Napoleon Dynamite" yesterday. Very funny movie. It's a slow starter, and very subtle. At first you think the hero is an idiot, but after awhile you figure out he is the most intelligent person there is in a world surrounded by utter and complete morons. It's a sneak up on you kind of funny and you'll find yourself talking about it for hours afterward.

It's sweet, and has a good ending. If you've ever been an outsider, geek, dweeb or nerd, you will love it.

While I'm reviewing media, the new U2 album, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" is outstanding. I can't say enough about The Edge's excellent guitar work and Bono's vocals. The lyrics are intriguing, and poetically pleasing. The best place to buy it is Wal-mart, I got it for under $11.

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that movie had me laughing so hard I was in a puddle of drool by the time the movie was over!!!!!!!!!!! i LUUUUUUVED it!
That school bus of kids pulling up as that farmer was shooting the cow was the best timing.
I need to check it out. I could use a funny movie right now. Last night, my husband and I saw Constantine (his pick). I thought it was "eh." My husband hated it though.
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