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Thursday, February 24, 2005
  Paper Sack Lifetime

Relationship ends over man's refusal to end job

Stop! Right now! Click this link above. We'll wait for you.....

Ok, did you read it? You're not just lying to me again are you? 'Cause I'll know. Just like I know some of you are reading this blog naked, and I'd just like to say, EEEWWWWW.....At least put a thong on!!

We'll just pretend you are all fully clothed and have read the post, we have just that sort of pragmatic relationship...

I loved this post. It's one of the best things I have read in a couple of weeks. Why do I say that? This guy has figured out half of the equation of the meaning of life. He has found something he is happy doing and they pay him for it! He's not concerned about what people think, and he's living his life according to his own internal compass. Do you realize how many of us have almost fried that sensitive instrument? I dream everyday about finding that job.

My wife and I discussed his girlfriend. My wife said at least she was honest in what she wanted. I wasn't so charitable. I guess the idea that you are ashamed that your boyfriend is a security guard really seems incredibly shallow. I mean, it's not like he's clubbing baby seals or is sending out spam for various erectile dysfunction medications(I told you guys-I don't need it! Stop sending me emails!).Back to the subject, someone has to do these jobs. What a person does, if it is useful and needed is enough to make them valuable. But more than that, a person should not only be defined by what he does for a living, but by his character and soul.

Anyway....enough blathering on and on...I'm going to bed, I'll try to be more thoughtful in the morning.

Thanks for reading,

I worked as a security guard for a while during the summer between school semesters.

It was fun. It was in this cool hotel in downtown Lexington, KY. I carried a flashlight, a collapsable baton (an ASP like the real cops carry) and a badge.

I got a master key that worked on every door in the hotel. I had my choice of rooms every night to take naps in. I also got to bring in swimming trunks and enjoy the jacuzzis when I wasn't patrolling.

I had a key to the kitchen that I could use to grill a steak at 3:00 AM if I wanted one. It was ultra-kewl.

I also worked with some really kewl people. The clerk was a retired local cop. We used to sit around and listen to Ray tell stories of real police work. We would even sit around for 2 hours or so each night and watch COPS reruns on CourtTV.

It was a really fun job. The only bad thing was the hours. I worked third shift from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

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